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Priming Sugar Amount

This calculator can be used to determine how much priming sugar is needed to achieve the desired level of carbonation in a finsihed batch of beer.


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About this Calculator

This calculator will calculate the required amount of priming sugar to add to a fermented batch of beer to achieve a desired level of carbonation. After fermentation, some carbon dioxide will remain dissolved in the beer, but the exact amount depends on the temperature of the beer. By entering the fermentation temperature, this calculator first estimates the amount of carbonation in the beer at the end of fermentation. The calculator then determines how much additional priming sugar is required to achived the final desired carbonation level.

For best results, first dissolve the priming sugar in a small amount of water and then gently stir the dissolved sugar into the beer before bottling, making sure the sugar is thoroughly mixed into the beer. Avoid splashing or vigorous stirring which could introduce oxygen and cause the beer to oxidize/stale more rapidly.

Typical Carbonation Levels
Style Carbonation (vol of CO2)
British Ales 1.5-2.0
Porter & Stout 1.7-2.3
Belgian Ales 1.9-2.4
American Ales 2.2-2.7
European Lagers 2.2-2.7
Belgian Lambic 2.4-2.8
American Wheat 2.7-3.3
German Wheat 3.3-4.5
From How to Brew by John Palmer

This calculator assumes atmospheric pressure is 14.7 psi. If you are a high elevations this calculator may contain error and you may need to add slighly more priming sugar to achieve the desired level of carbonation as your finished beer will contain less residual CO2 at higher elevations.

Priming sugar ammounts were based on the following gravity potentials for the various sugars. If your sugars are significantly different you may need to adjust the weight of sugar you use accordingly.

LME and DME are assumed to only be 80% fermentable, while the other sugars are assumed to be 100% fermentable by brewing yeast.

Cane Sugar 1.046 ppg
Corn Sugar 1.042 ppg
LME 1.036 ppg
DME 1.043 ppg
Honey 1.035 ppg