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Gravity Adjustment Calculator

This calculator can be used to determine how much additional fermentable sugar is needed, or how much liquid to boil off, to increase wort gravity to a desired amount. This calculator can also be used to determine how much dilution water to add to reduce wort to a desired gravity level.


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About this Calculator

If you end up with a wort gravity that is higher than you expected, or lower than you expected, this calculator can be used to help guide you to the proper adjustments to hit your target gravity. Whichever situation you find yourself in, this calculator can help. Just enter your batch size along with your measured and target gravities, the the output will provide you some guidance on what you can do.

If you need to decrease your wort gravity, you really only have one option. Since there is no easy way to remove dissovled sugars from wort, you can add more water to your batch and dilute the wort to your desired gravity, with the added bonus of a larger batch size (more beer!).

If you need to increase your wort gravity you have two main options. First, you can add more fermentable sugars to boost your gravity. Second you can boil off water to reduce your batch size and concentrate the sugars in your wort.

If you would like to read up a bit more on how these calculations work, check out our blog post How to Increase or Decrease Wort Gravity, which covers this topic in much more detail.


Sugar amounts needed for increasing gravity are based on the following gravity potentials for the various sugars. If your sugars are significantly different you may need to adjust the weight of sugar you use accordingly.

Cane Sugar 1.046 ppg
Corn Sugar 1.042 ppg
LME 1.036 ppg
DME 1.043 ppg
Honey 1.035 ppg