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About AleArchive™

Tracking your brewing process can sometimes feel like a chore. At AleArchive, we strive to simplify the tracking process, making it easy and simple to track everything related to your brewing. We aim to provide a great experience for our users through our simple development philosopy:

Clean is better than clutter

Simple is better than complex

Ad-free is better than ads

While we know we won't be the homebrew site for everyone, we will hopefully be the site for you!

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Why become a premium AleArchive member?

We want AleArchive to be a completely ad-free experience to keep the interface clean and uncluttered. Unfortunately, running a webiste is not free, and without revenue we can not stay in business. User membership fees help us to keep the site live as well as helping to funding future enhancements and regular site maintenance. If that's not enough for you, premium membership gives you access to features on the site not available to free members and premium membership removes all limits on the number of items you can track. See the table below for more details.

Free Premium
Lifetime Membership
Create Custom IngredientsUp to 5Unlimited
Track InventoryNoYes
Number of RecipesUp to 550*
Private RecipesNoYes
Rate and Comment on RecipesNoYes
Number of Brew SessionsUp to 550*
Private Brew SessionsNoYes
Number of ServingsUnlimitedUnlimited
Private ServingsNoYes
Full-Screen Serving DisplayNoYes
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*Extra storage can be added at any time at a rate of $5.00 for 50 more recipes and brews.

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